Equine Assisted Learning and Counselling

Burrden Acres Equine Assisted Learning and Counselling has incorporated horses to assist clients with a variety of personal needs.  This is an experiential treatment approach that involves horses, a registered EAL professional, with the option of a certified counsellor, and clients who partakes in hands-on equine activities.

These activities do not include or incorporate horseback riding.  Burrden Acres offers an ‘out-of-office’ and 'on-the-land' environment for clients, allowing them to feel less confined to discuss their day-to-day struggles; or just simply discuss their hardships, past or present. 
Burrden Acres has organized their programming surrounding the Seven Grandfather
Teachings, as well as the historical Medicine Wheel.

Additional Information about why Horses are Important to Healing can be found here: https://www.saskculture.ca/impact/success-stories/horses-important-to-cultural-healing